A tree lopper removing a tree in Rockhampton

Tree Removal Rockhampton

A tree lopper removing a tree in Rockhampton

Arborist services

A tree lopper inspecting a tree in Rockhampton

Arborists reports

A tree lopper cutting and stumping a tree in Rockhampton

Stump grinding

A new tree planted in Rockhampton


An excavator and dozer on site clearing trees in Rockhampton

Land clearing

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Tree Services Rockhampton

A tree being removed by an expert arborist in Rockhampton

Tree Removal Rockhampton

For the safety and wellbeing of the general public, your family members and also your property, a diseased or damaged tree should be removed by a certified arborist at the earliest.

A stump grinder removing tree stump at a home backyard in Rockhampton

Stump Grinding Rockhampton

After a tree removal, the tree stump that remains can hamper movement, attract insects or termites, and it wouldn’t be aesthetically appealing also.

An arborist inspecting a trees roots on a property in Rockhampton

Arborists Reports Rockhampton

If you want free consultations onsite, and reports that are generated by a certified arborist for submission to the local council, we are good for that.

A little bit about us

Your Tree Removal Specialists

Ability Vegetation Service is a family-owned and operated tree removal services business that has been servicing the suburbs of suburbs in and around here.

We have on board fully qualified AQF Level 5 arborist who heads an expert team in the many different tree works and services we offer.

Our tree removal services include:

  • Land clearing
  • Vegetation- tree, plants, shrubs inspection and survey
  • Tree health and risk assessment by a certified arborist
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Commercial lawn mowing and gardening

We at AVS, Ability Vegetation Service are able to offer viable, cost-effective services. We engage in any services only after all safety measures are in place and also the required permissions and clearances are availed from the local council.

Most importantly, we have the equipment and gear to support us in all the services we offer. And last but not the least, we have a certified arborist and experienced personnel who know their way around.

The Benefits of our services

If you need a round of land clearing done, when dedicated professionals like us are engaged, we will know what needs to be removed / cleared and will also have a way about it.

Tree pruning and trimming has to be carried out in a proper manner and only professional tree services
will know the way about it.

Professional tree Services Company like AVS have on board a certified arborist who will know a great deal about tree planting, what is good for your location and what is not.

If you want certified arborist reports and any consultation services, then only professional companies
likes ours can help you with this.

If a tree or plant is diseased, or there is some mould or fungus build-up of, it can damage and kill not just that particular tree or plant but it can also spread to the other trees and plants in your property. This is when you need a professional tree services company like Ability Vegetation Service for tree removal.

For ongoing tree care and tree maintenance, we can be engaged.

Latest work we have done!

Tree Services Gallery

A man cutting a tree in a Rockhampton Garden
A professional tree lopper in action on a property in Rockhampton
A tree professional removing a tree outside a home in Rockhampton
A professional preparing a tree report for a tree in Rockhampton
A stump grinder working on a stump in Rockhampton
A tree being pruned on a Rockhampton property

Our Tree Removal Equipment

  • Chippers
  • Spiderlift
  • Stump Grinders
  • Tranxmasters
  • Fleet
  • Various Specialist Equipment
  • Specialist tools
A woman gardening at her home in Rockhampton
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Why Choose us?

  • Qualified professionals applying best practice techniques
  • Modern safety practices like SWMS- Safe Work Method Statements, ISA, VOC regulations, ACDC- safety accreditation and high risk tickets are adopted
  • No additional costs for feedback shared. It is your satisfaction is our priority
  • To eliminate any confusion or ambiguity, and for peace of mind, the work undertaken and the process involved is discussed upfront
  • We use the latest equipment and tools to aid our tree care and gardening services
  • We have on board a certified arborist and trained and experienced team members

If you have any query about us, then please contact us.

Contact us anytime for your tree care and tree maintenance needs and we will be only too happy to give you a free no obligations quote.