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It is very important to keep your trees, plants, hedges and shrubs neat and trimmed so as to foster healthy growth of leaves and branches.

But the one thing is that the tree pruning and trimming should be carried out by experts and more so, at a certain time of the year, when it won’t hamper its growth. That is why a certified arborist is best engaged and this is where Ability Vegetation Service CENTRAL QUEENSLAND comes in.

Why do you think your trees need a round of pruning and trimming?

  • To maintain optimum health of your trees and plants, a round of pruning is required
  • The uncontrollable growth of the trees and plants needs to be checked
  • For safety reasons, the trees are overhanging dangerously, so it needs pruning
  • The tree is shedding too many leaves which is falling in the pool, your garden and the roof gutter
  • The plant or tree is diseased and unhealthy
  • Due to a storm, your plants and trees are affected
  • The tree looks unsightly hence it is in need of a pruning
  • To thin out the trees canopy, pruning is recommended
  • Due to a storm, the trees or plants are affected
  • For aesthetic appeal, tree and plant pruning is engaged in
  • Like everything else, your trees and plants too need to be pruned and trimmed periodically for better growth

As part of our tree pruning efforts we engage in:

Deadwood removal and cleaning- Remove all and any dead, dried, broken tree branches so as to remove any potential danger of its imminent fall. And finally we clean up the areas where the branches have been effectively removed so as to facilitate better growth for the other branches

Canopy lifting- Remove branches that are hanging low so as to create more space under the tree

Crown reduction- Remove the top branches to make the tree shorter and reduce bulk

Selective pruning- Remove all and any dead and dying branches, take care of problem areas, promote healthy growth and shape of leaves and branches

Shaping- Trim the entire tree so as to help achieve a desired shape

Palm tree cleaning- Remove dry fronds, flower spikes, coconuts or palm seeds

The experts at Ability Vegetation Service have a qualified arborist on board. Also our team members have the skill and knowhow as to how to carry out the tree or plant pruning, trimming and cutting.

For a round of plant or tree pruning, give us a email at admin@abilityvegetation.com.au or call us on 0417 824 967

If you have any query about us, then please contact us.

Contact us anytime for your tree care and tree maintenance needs and we will be only too happy to give you a free no obligations quote.